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RED V-Raptor Ultralight Top Handle

RED V-Raptor Ultralight Top Handle

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Completing the Plastic Fantastic lineup, this ultralight top handle is the perfect addition to your V-Raptor or V-Raptor X. At just 42 grams, it's light enough to stay on your rig at all times, no need to remove it for gimbal work. Yet it's been tested with dynamic loads of over 130lbs without issue. The handle preserves clearance with the exhaust fan and the monitor. The subtle curve at the front of the handle improves ergonomics and also ensures you can still swivel your monitor even when lowered using our Low-Profile Monitor Mount

The handle is the perfect way to hold your Raptor for any purpose, whether it's run-and-gun work, or just moving around on set, the front hook offers the perfect home for your forefinger while your other fingers wrap just behind it.  

These are printed with a high-quality thermoplastic filament, then coated with clear enamel for UV protection and a lifetime of service. Includes stainless steel fasteners.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Plastic Fantastic products are 3D-printed, and may have surface imperfections or other artifacts from the printing process. These are normal and do not affect function. We call them the Ugly Parts with a Beautiful Purpose. There's nothing else like this on the market, anywhere.

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