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Low-Profile Monitor Mount (SmallHD + DSMC3)

Low-Profile Monitor Mount (SmallHD + DSMC3)

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New "Medium-Low" option now available. This version is 10mm taller than the original, offering improved clearance with our V-Raptor Top Handle, making it easier to rotate the monitor 180 degrees.

The original Plastic Fantastic part - this is the ONLY clamp on the market which will lower a RED DSMC3 or SmallHD monitor all the way down to the camera body for a compact and easier to hold setup. This design is the solution you've been looking for. It does several things:

1. Lowers the monitor down to the pivot for ultra-compact rigging.

2. Uses independent screws for the monitor and clamp.

3. Thermoplastic construction means MUCH smoother monitor motion when adjusting the angle, as the self-lubricating material won't seize or bind.

4. Works with ANY kind of 15mm rod: aluminum, carbon fiber, nylon, steel, etc.

5. Ultralight and versatile; great for moving to gimbal setups, other rigging, etc.

6. Compatible with DSMC3 monitors, SmallHD monitors, or any monitor with the SmallHD two-pin standard including some monitors from OSEE, Feelworld, etc. If you're unsure about compatibility, email us with questions. 

These are printed with a high-quality thermoplastic filament, then coated with clear enamel for UV protection and a lifetime of service. Includes stainless steel fasteners. Part is at full strength when assembled on-camera. Strength may be compromised if exposed to environmental temperatures higher than 110° F (43° C). 

PLEASE NOTE: Our Plastic Fantastic products are 3D-printed, and may have surface imperfections or other artifacts from the printing process. These are normal and do not affect function. We call them the Ugly Parts with a Beautiful Purpose. There's nothing else like this on the market, anywhere.

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