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F-Zero Camera

Wireless Backpack System

Wireless Backpack System

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Say hello to our brand new Wireless Backpack system. These magnetic plates offer a new and innovative way to rig out your cinema camera, especially for parts you may want to quickly mount and unmount. Each 3D-printed Wireless Packpack Plate has extra-long mounting slots to attach to any kind of camera gear, locating nubs for perfect alignment, and high-power neodymium magnets for a secure grip. Take a look at the intro video and see how these plates can work for you.

For attaching to a V-Mount battery or other flat surfaces that don't have threaded holes, we suggest hot glue as a good semi-permanent installation method. It's strong, but also easily reversible. However, if you don't want to use hot glue to attach the plate to your battery, we also make the Battery Sleeve which functions just like the regular plates, but can be attached with gaffer's tape. The Battery Sleeve has a 74mm internal width, ideal for Smallrig VB99 Pro or similar-size batteries.

These are printed with a high-quality thermoplastic filament. Parts are at full strength when assembled on-camera. Strength may be compromised if exposed to environmental temperatures higher than 110° F (43° C). 

PLEASE NOTE: Our Plastic Fantastic products are 3D-printed, and may have surface imperfections or other artifacts from the printing process. These are normal and do not affect function. We call them the Ugly Parts with a Beautiful Purpose. There's nothing else like this on the market, anywhere.

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