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RF62 Lens Adapter

RF62 Lens Adapter

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Forget the traditional mess of threading adapters, flange adapters, helicoids, tape, and head-scratching that goes along with trying to adapt a vintage lens.

F-Zero Vintage Lens Adapters make it a snap to put vintage glass on your modern camera. Just one product is all you need. It assembles in seconds, so you can get back to shooting instead of poring over compatibility charts.

The RF62 is designed to slide easily around the barrel of any lens with an outer diameter near 62mm (anywhere from 60mm to 62.4mm will work). It was originally designed for use with soviet-era film projection lenses, but it will work with any barrel diameter in the range described.

Just slide the lens in and tighten the three set screws and you're ready to shoot on any camera with a Canon RF mount. No need to fiddle with threaded adapters or helicoids, and no safety concerns because the RF62 grips the entire lens barrel rather than trying to rely on a few short millimeters of decades-old threads in varying condition.

The RF62 can be set to extend linearly (push/pull the lens forward/backward) or in a helical manner (twist the lens barrel to extend/retract, like a zoom lens). Helical movement can be done in both clockwise OR counter-clockwise motions, as we have included spiral slots in each direction. Just move the small button screw and nylon bushing to your preferred slot. 

In addition, this adapter ALSO acts as an integrated macro extension tube! Simply loosen the set screws, slide the barrel out slightly, and re-tighten. This has the exact same effect as adding a macro extender; you lose a bit of focus range at the far end in exchange for being able to focus on objects closer to the lens.

The actual range of focus will depend on which lens is used with the adapter. However, we have tested the KO 140mm f1.8, KO-120mm f1.8, 35KN 140mm f1.8, and 35KN 120mm f1.8. All four of those lenses focus from infinity to roughly 2.5 feet or less. See the sample images in the gallery below. All were shot with the lens adapter set to work with infinity focus.

The results with this adapter are nothing short of beautiful. The character and warmth of vintage glass captured by modern digital equipment is astonishing. See the sample images below, which were shot RAW and exported in Lightroom with no additional corrections or sharpening. Skin and fine details are rendered with precision but without the clinical harshness of modern glass, and the bokeh is similarly soft and gorgeous. The results are, in a word, cinematic.

This is our first adapter, made for 62mm barrels and Canon RF mounts. If you want to see additional options for different diameters or camera systems, please email us at - thank you!

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