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F-Zero Camera

F-Zero Camera (preorder)

F-Zero Camera (preorder)

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Our Kickstarter Campaign has ended, we are now on to production!

NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS, which will ship in 6-8 weeks. NOTE there will be some hardware differences from the prototype shown in the video and images. But the concept and function are the same. Because the F-Zero Camera is a very specialized, low-run production, we CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL

Introducing the F-Zero Camera – the incredible, complete, system that lets you shoot at an effective aperture as low as f0.3. This isn’t just a “blurry” background … now your subject is in a completely different universe. Images and video take on a dimensional quality unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The F-Zero Camera uses special optics and a unique principle to capture images which are physically impossible to achieve with any other method. For a deep dive on the subject, check out these projects by Media Division and DIYPerks. Those projects were inspirations! This method can create incredible images, but there's simply nothing you can buy to easily build a similar setup. At least ... there wasn't, until now. The F-Zero camera is everything you need to create your own physics-breaking images.

The F-Zero is constructed from aircraft-grade T6-6061 alloy and machined with CNC precision. This system is built to last and deliver absolutely beautiful results that are simply impossible with anything else. Just assemble the pieces and attach any kind of camera you like. The system will accept everything from a iPhone or GoPro, to DSLR and mirrorless cameras, all the way up to studio cinema cameras using the included rail mounts. It's ready to be mounted on your favorite tripod, tabletop, or set right on the ground for low-angle shots.

If you have more questions after watching the video, please refer to our FAQ.

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